Rock Salt Albany
Rock Salt Albany Where Culinary Magic Embraces Tranquility! Discover a Serene Oasis Moments from Albany's Heartbeat. Unforgettable Flavors, Rustic Ambiance, and Local Warmth Await. Come, Taste, and Embark on a Journey Through a Unique Fusion of Tastes. Rock Salt - More Than Dining, It's a Culinary Adventure!" you'll be warmly welcomed by our local chefs, Michelle Lee and Dilon Rosa, and get to savor the magic of Rock Salt's cuisine – a dining experience like no other!
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Rock Salt Restaurant Albany. You'll be warmly welcomed by our local chefs, Michelle and Rosa a dining experience like no other!

My Upcoming Events

Oct 26
Pit Master Rosa's Texan Smokehouse Feast Night
Nov 2
Chef Rosa's Tropical Ceylon Food Night.
Nov 16
Rock Salt Melaka Magic: A Malaysian Culinary Odyssey Buffet Dinner